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The G.P.P.U.® Social-Emotional Learning System

The G.P.P.U. ® Social-Emotional Learning System is based on The Guiding Principles of Peace and Unity®. The system is based on a set of positive social affirmations that we use to stimulate social emotional learning and to encourage pro-social behavior.


The G.P.P.U.® social emotional framework includes student training sessions, teacher and administrator professional development, and G.P.P.U.® paraphernalia.

Multiple Alternative Pathways to Success®

Multiple Alternatives Pathways to Success® is our career and college readiness program.  Through workshops, meetings and events babies, children and teens are provided readiness resources, educational and vocational opportunities, and resources that allow them to develop and utilize their innate skills and talents.

This is done by partnering with educational institutions, organizations and groups to provide activities through which children and teens can develop practical skills and be exposed to traditional and nontraditional career opportunities.

The M.A.P.S. developmental age levels are:

Ages 4 to 10 (Elementary): Include workshops and events

Ages 11 to 14 (Middle): Include workshops and events

Ages 14 to 18 (High): Include pathways, apprenticeships and partnerships to careers.

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Positive Stiving Talent Search®

Positive Striving Talent Search® is a talent and skills contest open to all children and teenagers. Children and teenagers submit videos of their performances, and the public will judge by voting for their favorites through various social media.


Participants with the most votes will advance through 6 rounds. Participates are given opportunities for further skills and talent development by institutions within their communities. There is one grand prize winner of $1,000.

Our Mission

Our Communities Our Children develops and supports programs that teach children, teenagers, their families and community institutions to identify, explore and develop the characters, talents and skills of children and teenagers.